Do you know what the main symptoms are when a child does not see well?

Given the use of electronic devices, the doctor specified that “these are not bad, the bad thing is the use that is given to them.”

Dr. Luis Javier Cárdenas Lamas, Pediatric Ophthalmologist Surgeon, assures that currently there are several ways to care for the ophthalmological health of infants.

From the outset, he stressed that the basic thing is to “carry out a visual screening at birth, which is contemplated in the General Health Law, in article 61, which says that the small eyes should be checked before the fourth week of birth, and that many people do not know.

An annual consultation is recommended, because the eyes are very important.

A child goes to school and learns with his eyes, because 90 percent of the information that reaches his brain comes through vision.

He explained that many times the effects that are generated with a visual condition can be confused with other situations or behaviors that infants handle.

“Many times children are falsely labeled and said to have some attention deficit, hyperactivity, poor school performance, clumsiness in crafts or sports; And what really happens is that they can’t see, or they have a squint, or they see well in one eye and badly in the other.

But the most serious thing is that sometimes the condition is from the time they were born, and the children have generated adaptations, they have made their lives that way ”.

According to the specialist’s experience, “pediatricians are the child’s first contact doctors and those who should send the patient for a visual evaluation and do not send them; which is very serious, because sometimes it is not only the vision problem.

Sometimes there are children who are born with a tumor under the eye; and if we don’t check them when they are born, the tumor will grow.

So, if we don’t realize it and we perceive it when the child has a white pupil and the tumor is too big to treat, they put themselves at risk.

I say it can always be treated, but a cancer that you treat at the beginning is not the same as when you treat it at a later stage”.

At present the main suffering that infants register is myopia; however, the doctor points out that there are other conditions that are also very constant.

This health problem has caused the panorama to change a lot; for which reason “before in the classes the child who wore glasses was rare; now it is very common”.

For this reason, the recommendation that you should go to specialists who really offer correct diagnoses and options that help infants to counteract their condition, said the doctor during the meeting he organized with parents to talk about the importance of the visual health of children and how to prevent some diseases.

Regarding the way of perceiving visual diseases in infants, the doctor commented: “The main symptoms that a child sees poorly is that he gets too close to things, that he has poor school performance, that he turns his head, that he closes one eye or that wrinkles the eyes; then you have to go immediately to the specialist to review it and diagnose the condition ”.

Due to the conditions that visual health problems can cause, the doctor recalled that “the 30-40-50 rule must be followed, which is 30 centimeters away for cell phones, 40 for tablets and 50 for computers; and the 20-20 rule, which is every 20 minutes to rest your eyes for 20 seconds, seeing at 20-foot distances that are approximately 6 meters, to rest your eyes from the devices.”