Does Gloria Trevi want to be like Featherweight? The viral VIDEO of the singer spitting on a fan

Gloria Trevi and her explosive concerts continue to give people something to talk about.


Gloria Trevi and her explosive concerts continue to give something to talk about: from her incredible interpretation of a disco song “from the heights” Until the controversial gesture she had with her fans, the woman from Monterrey continues to be a trend.

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The National Auditorium has been the scene of Gloria Trevi’s most recent concerts, who never ceases to surprise the public with the energy he shows off on stage; nevertheless, Some of his gestures have also brought him criticism.

Recently, a short video in which The singer spit water at her fans in the middle of the concert It went viral and sparked a real debate on the networks, and while many people compared it to Featherweight and others called it “disrespectful”, other fans acknowledged that they would have liked to be there.

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In the videos of the moment, widely disseminated on platforms such as X and TikTok, Gloria Trevi is seen spitting water at one of his fans while performing his well-known hit Psychiatrist doctor.

In the recording it is noted that, apparently, the fan and the people around them enjoyed the moment; however, The controversy did not take long to arrive for the singerwho was compared to Featherweight because The performer of corridos tumbados also did that in his presentations.


#GloriaTrevi spits in the face of her fans; They compare it to #PesoPluma

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Gloria Trevi was branded disrespectful, rude and unhygienicas many remembered that COVID infections are on the rise and this practice could make the situation even worse.

“You can’t expect much from her”, “how unhygienic that Gloria did that” and “how disgusting, what about covid Gloria?” were some of the criticisms; However, other people recognized that There are fans who even ask Gloria to choose them to spit on: “I would like to be that one”, “please choose me” and “who is the lucky one with the saliva of this Goddess”, they commented.