Does Irina Baeva confirm her wedding? The actress shares some revealing photos that generate speculation

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto have been forced to postpone their wedding for various reasons.


Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto stole all the spotlight after it was leaked that the actors had finally gotten married after postponing the wedding for several years. A message in Russian from the actor fueled these rumors.

On Instagram, a mysterious comment that Gabriel Soto drew attention left in one of Irina Baeva’s posts, and even though it was written in Russian, the followers of the celebrities did not take long to investigate the meaning of the message, which unleashed a furor, because In a certain part of the comment the words “thank you for being my wife” are read.

Until now, the actors did not want to confirm the rumors and the only thing they do is increase speculation on social networks; In fact, some photos and videos that Irina Baeva uploaded to her stories increased her fury, since she is seen wearing a beautiful white dress.


It is important to remember that Irina Baeva boasted on social networks about the romantic marriage proposal she made to her. Gabriel Soto; however, the couple was forced to postpone their wedding due, first, to the COVID pandemic; and later, by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The couple assured their fans that they had resumed their marriage plans, and after the comment where Gabriel Soto called Irina “wife,” the actress shared on her Instagram stories several photos and videos that only increased speculation about the wedding.

In the snapshots, you can see Irina Baeva wearing a beautiful but simple white dress that left her shoulders exposed, as well as a hairstyle and makeup that enhanced her beauty. The actress, in her comments, acknowledged that she had several hairstyle tests done until she chose the ideal one.


Irina Baeva showed off some of her hairstyle tests in her stories.


Irina Baeva’s photos and videos went viral in a matter of minutes; However, contrary to what many fans thought, This outfit was not for the actress’s wedding with Gabriel Sotobut for some wedding scenes corresponding to the soap opera “No-one like you”.