Does Violeta Isfel have financial problems? The actress reveals that she sells sweets in the dressing rooms of a theater


In show business, celebrities often have multiple sources of income. Some have clothing lines, others have restaurants, and some even venture into the world of real estate. But have you ever heard of an actress who sells candy in the backstage of a theater? That is exactly the situation in which the Mexican actress Violeta Isfel finds herself.

Recently, Isfel shared on her social networks that she has started a candy business in the theater where she currently works. In a makeshift dressing room as a store, she offers lollipops, chocolates and various sweets. However, she does not set a fixed price for the sweets, but rather allows the customer to pay whatever they see fit.

This news has led some to speculate whether Isfel is facing financial problems. However, the actress has clarified that it is not a business per se, but rather a way to sweeten people’s lives. She assures that she trusts people and allows them to pay what they consider fair.

In addition to her acting career, Isfel has ventured into various businesses. During the pandemic, she opened her own burger joint, “Isfel Burger”, due to the lack of job opportunities. Although she had to close her establishment in 2022 due to low sales, her experience is a clear example that, with willingness and effort, it is possible to get ahead.

Although Violeta Isfel has found a creative way to generate additional income, there is no evidence that she is facing financial problems. On the contrary, her entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new things are an inspiration to everyone.