Don Omar invites his followers to find “a refuge” in music

  • The singer took advantage of his social networks to send a message to all his followers

The renowned Puerto Rican singer, Don Omar, has shared a message of peace amid the growing wave of conflicts and rivalries in the world of reggaeton.

Through his social networks, the artist expressed deep reflections on the urban genre and revealed the reasons behind his distancing from his colleague Daddy Yankee.

In a photograph that shows him with Daddy Yankee, Don Omar found the inspiration to dedicate a letter to the urban genre. In his words:

”Open letter to the gender that made me who I am: In this photo we are two gentlemen who, from the first day we met, respected each other. Two leaders who were followed by the crowds on our island and who began to take our music around the world (…) two young people who had the opportunity to get to know the corners of the planet thanks to their music.”

And he continued: “Do you have any idea what caused this feud that separated sides from our island until they managed to do it around the world? Let us cling to our own understanding, bad conversations that corrupted good customs and above all the lack of God in our hearts.”

This call from Don Omar goes beyond his personal experience and extends to his reggaeton colleagues.