Doña Cuquita reveals which of her children saw Vicente Fernández die

Vicente Fernandez would have fulfilled the 83 years old on February 17. That is why his family and his followers decided to pay homage in his honor. A few days ago they discovered a hyperrealism sculpture of the singer made by the sculptor Rubén Orozco Loza and the painting artist Clara Alcántara.

Alex, one of the grandsons of Vicente Fernandezhe was very moved after seeing the sculpture.Not a single day goes by without Tata thinking about you, but now you will always be with mehere at home”, the young man wrote from your instagram account where several took the opportunity to leave him a message of encouragement.

lady cuquita was another of those who was present and where he made it clear that “as long as his public does not forget him, Vicente will not die”. She also joined the acts thatthat were made for the day of her late husband’s birthday and where he excused the absence of one of his children. As she herself explained He is the most affected since he was the one who saw his father die.

It was at the ranch The Three Foals where the widow of Vicente Fernandez he opened his heart and made reference to the subject. There, a mass was held in honor of “Chente”, aOther than a charro and mariachi championship. The singer’s grave was also decorated who passed away on December 12, 2021.

lady cuquita told the media that for his son Alejandro Fernández everything has been harder. “It was his turn when Vicente passed away…. let’s go ahead, we only have one life, We don’t know how long or short,” he said. The interpreter of “I set out to lose you“He was not in the act, but he did leave his message on social networks.

Alexander Fernandez expressed from his account Instagram your regret noting that “today has been a day of many memories and more for that Mexican In The Mexico. What an honor it will be to follow in your footsteps to the center of that arena… We miss you and love you more than ever.”