Don’t throw away your old cell phone, use it to improve your home’s WiFi

Do not even think about throwing away your old cell phone, better use it to improve the WiFi in your home.

If you recently bought a new cell phone and you were thinking of throwing away the old one, before throwing away the one you already had, you have to know this trick that will allow you to improve the WiFi in your home with your old smartphone.

When it comes to WiFi, it is not always good to skimp on expenses, since the internet is not only a useful tool in our day to day, but it was the most important.

Turn your old cell phone into a repeater

The best way to continue giving life to the cell phone that you were already thinking of throwing away is by turning it into a WiFi repeater, so you will kill two birds with one stone.

The process to do it is quite simple, the only thing you need is that your cell phone has WiFi, if you are sure that it has it, what you will have to do is create a shared connection, which you can create in your settings, connections and in connections shared.

Once there, you will only have to name your new network and put a password on it. This trick will help you, for example, if you want to give a WiFi signal to your visitors from your cell phone or so that your TV that does not have WiFi I finally have a connection.

Now, you will only have to configure the device from which you want this new signal to have, add the WiFi as you normally would, but instead of selecting the one from your house, you will write the new repeater that is in your cell phone.