Dozens of Russian municipal deputies supported the request for the resignation of Vladimir Putin: they accuse him of treason


The public request for the resignation of Russian President Vladimir Putin has already been supported by 84 municipal deputies (councilors) from all over Russiawho demand the Dumaor Chamber of Deputies, to charge the head of the Kremlin with high treason for initiating the military campaign in Ukraine.

More and more deputies are joining the demand that Vladimir Putin resign”, commented this Monday to the press Dmitri Paliugaauthor of the initiative and municipal deputy in St. Petersburg.

The petition, which has not yet been forwarded to the lower house of the Russian Parliamenthas already been signed by deputies of municipal councils from all over Russia.

Among the deputies who have supported the demand are public officials from Moscow Y St. Petersburgin addition to mayors from other regions of the European part of the country and Siberia.

Paliuga reported on his Twitter account that has been summoned to appear tomorrowTuesday, before a district court in St. Petersburg for allegedly discredit the Russian president.

However, the politician denied that he regrets his decision to address the Duma, since, in recent days, he has received a great help of his fellow citizens in the Smolninsky district, a gesture he considered “an incalculable value”.

Putin is receiving criticism (Reuters)
Putin is receiving criticism (Reuters) (TASS HOST PHOTO AGENCY/)

Paliuga and several of his colleagues addressed the Duma last week with the request that accuse Putin of high treason for initiating the “special military operation”.

We believe that President Putin’s decision to start the special military operation harms the security of Russia and its citizens”, states the petition.

The purpose of the petition is for Putin to be removed from his position as head of the Kremlin, where he arrived in 2000 and, according to the constitutional reform, could remain until 2036.

“In our opinion, with the beginning of the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine in the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, there are indications of a crime under Article 73 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, high treason,” they point out

According to the request, Russian citizens have been dying since the beginning of hostilities, the national economy has deteriorated, and an investor and brain drain is taking place.

In addition, it expands NATO to the east and, due to the president’s decision, the border between Russia and the alliance Atlantic has doubled with the entry of Finland Y Sweden.

The Russian military intervention has also caused the opposite effect to demilitarization from the neighboring country with the Western supply to Ukraine of 38,000 million dollars in weapons.

According to a survey released last week, 70% of Russians support the military campaign in Ukraine to a greater or lesser degreewhich is opposed by 18% of the population.

Russia announced on Saturday the withdrawal of its troops from several strategic locations in the Kharkov region, in northern Ukraine, which has triggered criticism from supporters of a much more aggressive offensive in the neighboring country.

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