Dozens of students were hospitalized in Iran for a new poisoning in women’s schools

A teacher in an empty classroom of a Tehran school (REUTERS) (WANA NEWS AGENCY /)

Dozens of female students were hospitalized this Tuesday in the region of Tehran for a new case of poisoning in women’s collegesattributed to sectors opposed to the schooling of girls in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Nails 35 students from the Khayyam Girls’ School in Pardis, a city near Tehran, “They were taken to the hospital” after feeling unwell in the morning, reported the press agency tasnim.

None of the girls is in serious condition. They had all inhaled in the establishment about gaseous substanceswhose nature is unknown.

Since the end of November, the Iranian press has reported hundreds of cases of respiratory poisoning of girls about 10 years oldin schools of the holy city of qom, in the center of the country. Some had to be briefly hospitalized.

The Ministry of Health explained on Sunday that “certain individuals” sought, with these acts, “that all schools, particularly girls’ schools, close.”

An ambulance leaves Shariati Hospital in Tehran (REUTERS)
An ambulance leaves the Shariati Hospital in Tehran (REUTERS) (WANA NEWS AGENCY /)

The suspects use “chemical compounds available” on the market, specified the ministry, which ruled out substances “for military use.”

These cases have caused a wave of indignation in the country, where the silence of the authorities has been criticized in the face of an increasing number of affected establishments.

The head of the National Police, ahmadreza radan, announced Tuesday that its agents were “identifying possible suspects.” for now, no arrests announced related to the matter.

“All the State services try to tackle the fears of the population,” he added, quoted by tasnim.

In Parliament a meeting was organized “emergency meeting” to investigate the case, in which the ministers of Education, Intelligence and Health participated, reported the agency Fars.

“Misogynistic bigots”

Some activists compared the perpetrators of these attacks to the Taliban of Afghanistan and with the jihadists of Boko Haram in West Africa, who oppose girls’ schooling.

Girls from a school in Tehran, Iran, take off their veils and make obscene gestures against the ayatollahs (Twitter)
Girls from a school in Tehran, Iran, take off their veils and make obscene gestures against the ayatollahs (Twitter/File)

The case coincides with the protest movement that has shaken Iran since the death, on September 16, of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman, who was in police custody for allegedly violating Iran’s strict dress code, which, among other things, forces women to wear headscarves in public.

Qom’s MP Ahmad Amiri Farahani denounced the attacks as a “irrational act” and specified that the inhabitants of the holy city “support the schooling of girls.”

Education for all is compulsory in Iran and the number of female students in universities exceeds that of males.

The former vice president masumeh ebetkar (reformist) on Tuesday urged the regime to “put an end once and for all with the misogynistic fanatics”.

A Shiite dignitary, the Ayatollah Javad Aalvi-Boroujerdi, regretted the “contradictory statements by the authorities” about the origin of the case.

“One person in charge mentions intentional poisoning, while another accuses failures in the heating system (…). Some contradictions that reinforce the mistrust of the people towards the State ”, he considered, according to statements collected by the agency Shafaqna.

(With information from AFP)

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