Drake cancels Brazil show at the last minute

Although the cancellation was attributed to logistical problems that “got out of his hands”, the rapper was seen the same day at 50 Cent’s birthday in Miami.

The music world was surprised by the news that Drake, the renowned Canadian rapper, canceled his long-awaited concert at Lollapalooza Brazil, an event that took place in Sao Paulo, however, what drew the most attention was the curious reason why the one that declined to offer a show like no other.

The organizers expressed the following regarding this situation: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Drake is without members of his sound and production team essential for the performance of the Lollapalooza show in Sao Paulo,” they said.

Likewise, it was learned, according to the organization, that the Canadian musician “was encouraged to perform before his fans in Brazil, but that” unfortunately “what happened” is out of his control. However, this was not all.

“His rate was lower than what he is usually paid in the US, Europe or Arab countries,” said ‘Pop Tingz’. “Drake was also discouraged from performing because he believes that Brazilians don’t know how to sing his songs correctly.”

But that’s not all, Drake’s cancellation at Lollapalooza, Brazil, follows a controversial presentation in Argentina, where his concert lasted only 40 minutes and also prohibited it from being broadcast live.