Dress, heels and socks, Bad Bunny’s outfits are also something to talk about

With a pink dress, heels and socks it’s like bad bunny appears in the new campaign jacquemuyes, “Le Splash”, of which the brand has shared some photographs on social networks.

The reggaeton player also appears in other shots wearing green suits, on skates or aboard a boat, lying next to a pool with floats or showing off their muscles for the camera.

Until now the brand, created by the French Simon Porte Jacquemus at the age of 19has not revealed much more about this campaign and has left the world of fashion and music with the question of what other outfits the singer will be seen wearing.

The photos were taken by Tom Kneller and Zoey Radford Scott, last month in Miami. So far the publication has half a million likes on Instagram, as well as comments from stars like Ricky Martin.

bad bunny not only has he become famous for his music but also for his way of dressing and even his hairstyles, that have grabbed the spotlight. In a video of Vogue in which he appears alongside famous model Joan Smalls, The musical star shared that she has always liked fashion, and her style of dressing was described by Smalls as follows.

“Super dynamic, I dress how I want and nobody can tell me anything, you represent what Puerto Rico is, and that vibe, that energy.”
In his 2020 video, “Yo perreo sola”, Bad Bunny caused great controversy because in the video he appears in a dress, breasts, heels,
wig and makeup. The video has more than 529 million views on YouTube.

This Tuesday started Mexico City the pre-sale for his concert at the Azteca Stadium, on December 9, for which there was a virtual queue of 300 thousand people.

The Jacquemus brand is one of the most creative and is known for proposing something different, like the fact that Simon’s grandmother starred in his campaigns.

She has also done photo shoots with Kendall Jenner holding a rope and showing off her bags.