Driver keeps the change of passengers… for going to see Luis Miguel!

A passenger truck driver in the metropolitan area from Guadalajara, Jalisco, made a public confession which quickly went viral: “Forgive me if I gave you your change wrong, I’m saving to go see El Sol”. This honest way to get some extra coins to attend the concerts of Luis Miguel, has touched netizens.

On social networks, users were quick to share and comment on the peculiar driver strategy to fulfill his dream of seeing to the live singer. Most of them expressed Sympathy and understanding of the driver’s situation.


The motive behind this unusual confession It is the next concert of Luis Miguel in Guadalajara. On the artist’s website it was reported that the show will take place in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area on December 17, 2023.

Speculations about the venue

After the announcement that Luis Miguel will be presented in Guadalajara, some users on social networks they began to make speculations of the enclosure in the that the so-called ‘Sol de México’ would be presented in the Jalisco capital.

Last presentation at the Perla Tapatia

The interpreter of Puerto Rican origin will add more than 5 years since his last presentation at the Perla Tapatia before your date in December 2023. In his last presentation, Luis Miguel sang at the Telmex Auditorium in Zapopan.


Luis Miguel’s concert in Guadalajara will close the international tour that will have the singer on December 17, 2023. This event will take place at the Jalisco Stadium, in the Independencia neighborhood of Guadalajara.

This venue is the one with the highest capacity in Jalisco and one of the most greats of Mexico, since it fits more than 55 thousand people. The large influx expected for the concert means that the driver has to make an effort to save to get tickets on time.

Luis Miguel will perform at the Jalisco Stadium on December 17, 2023.


User reactions before the confession of the truck driver they did not wait. Here are some of the most prominent comments:

Víctor Esqueda: «Those who could have a good place at the concert: traffic agents, municipal police, municipal inspectors, deputies, aldermen, governors, etc… those of the town to gallola.»

Oscar Echeverría: «With so much change that they stay, surely it will reach them in the front row.»

Paul Valdez: «The Oxxo cashier rounded me up from 45 to 50, I guess it’s also gathering to see Luismi, I support him ».

Marcela Castro: «I want to go see Luis Mi And, how do I save, I’m not a driver, they little by little little by little all day until they will have left over.«

From those who see the situation with humor even those who sympathize with him truck driver and his desire to attend Luis Miguel’s concert in Guadalajara.

And you, are you going? How do you save?