Drugs, violence and a crude confession by Richarlison about his childhood: “They wanted to shoot me”

Richarlison, a Premier League player for Everton, made a crude confession about his childhood (Reuters / Peter Powell) (PETER POWELL /)

This time it was not news for his jokes and dialectical crossovers with the players of the Argentine team. Richarlison showed himself like never before and in an interview with a Spanish newspaper, revealed the harsh childhood he lived, surrounded by drugs, violence and extreme poverty. The Brazilian confessed that football saved his life and that his “guardian angels” were the ones who led him on the right path.

“My childhood was very poor. Since I was little I saw my parents working all day and every month it was difficult to have enough money to reach the minimum. Then, I worked since I was a kid selling sweets, ice cream or coffee to help out at home ”, reported the Everton footballer of the Premier League.

“We lived in a poor and dangerous area from the city (Nova Venecia). I saw a lot of bad things like drugs, violence. It was very complicated, but I had guardian angels that always led me to the right path. Anyway, many childhood friends ended up in jail, they got into the world of drugs and some even died ”, revealed the 24-year-old forward.

Richarlison, one of the players summoned by Tite in Brazil and a gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (EFE / Ra l Mart nez)
Richarlison, one of the players summoned by Tite in Brazil and a gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (EFE / Ra l Mart nez) (EFEI0499 /)

In dialogue with the newspaper As, Richarlison made a shocking revelation: “They wanted to shoot me.” The Brazilian footballer, a gold medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, recalled the difficult episode he had to face with a person who mistook him for a drug dealer in an area that did not belong to him.

“I came back from soccer school with my friends and there was a person who thought he was selling drugs in the area where he was selling. There, he pointed the gun at my head and threatened me, But I had the comfort of explaining that I was on my way home and that I did not sell or use drugs. They wanted to shoot me, but soccer literally saved my life. Although it is easier to talk now, it was something that marked my childhood and encouraged me to follow a very different path from the one that some friends ended up with ”.

In closing, Richarlison He recounted the sacrifices he made to fulfill the dream of becoming a professional footballer and remembered, with pride, the day he performed the first test at América Futebol. “I went to do a test with only the money for the one way ticket because I spent the money to pay for the return ticket on food during the trip. So I gave my life to get a position on the team and I ended up getting it. “


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