Drunk mode, an option to avoid unfortunate shipments on WhatsApp

App that allows you to activate a drunk mode. (photo: The Confidential)

For some it is no secret that WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms have played a central role in the way users communicate, although there is still no solution to the human error that occurs when messages are sent while intoxicated.

And it is that most readers, at least once, have felt like doing or saying something just because they drank too much.

For this reason, a company announced that it is working on a possible solution. This is a patent called ‘drunk mode’ that will reach so much Android like iOS. What are you talking about? Below Infobae tells everything in detail.

If there is something that technology still can’t figure out are the times people regret saying something, fueled by the effects of stimulant drinks. Well, if there is any reader who has ever experienced this, they should know that today the risk is even greater, since you can easily post or say things through a smartphone and the social media.

This is a problem that neither the main platforms nor Applications most popular can solve directly. But, now things can change thanks to the efforts of a Chinese company called Green Electric.

What is Drunk Mode / Drunk Mode and what is it for

This company has spent more than a year developing a technology correctly called ‘drunk mode’ or ‘drunk mode’, which has been registered as a patent.

According to reports from portals dedicated to the subject, this function will allow users to continue to interact with their phones without exposing embarrassing situations that could damage their image.

The app will be able to determine your
The app will be able to determine your “drunk level” to work without you noticing. (photo: Political Chain)

This is how ‘drunk mode’ works

The way to do all this is quite simple. It is not a simple tool that blocks the whole phone connection or suddenly shuts down or sends some kind of notification because all this, even without the influence of alcohol, it can be easily ignored by a user.

The ‘drunk mode’ app will go unnoticed and will make the user believe that their smartphone continues to function properly. The application will determine, through technology undisclosed, the person’s level of drunkenness, which can be predetermined in advance.

Drunk mode or Drunk Mode.  (photo: <a class=Japan Info)” height=”500″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Drunk-mode-an-option-to-avoid-unfortunate-shipments-on-WhatsApp.jpeg” width=”750″ />
Drunk mode or Drunk Mode. (photo: Japan Info)

When the application discovers that the person who owns the cell phone he has gone from drinks, will block or delay the sending of messages, social media posts or voice messages that could be made from the mobile device.

Of course, this solution will mainly integrate with the messaging apps most commonly used, such as WhatsApp,Instagram, FacebookMessenger.

In short, the app can make you believe that you have sent a normal message, but the truth is that these are delayed 12 hours before sending them correctly. This will allow users who can cancel messages (or posts) if they regret it.

Also, “drunk mode” can temporarily disable access to the bank account you have set up.

Drunk Mode or Drunk Mode.  (photo: Interesting Engineering)
Drunk Mode or Drunk Mode. (photo: Interesting Engineering)

How the app will know when someone is drunk or high on drinks

According to the Interesting Engineering portal, the advances in the patent of this application are remarkable and a mechanism has been revealed that will allow determining the state of intoxication. Through a series of “sobriety check questions,” the user will need to respond successfully to unlock ‘drunk mode’.

So far, it is one of the most popular tools in the smartphone app market in general. It differs from other platforms by the level of administration that it will provide compared to other applications, so it is likely to require more important and higher permissions.


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