Dub Inc returns to CDMX to ‘inject’ reggae into the Indie Rocks Forum

The reggae group Dub Inc, also known as Dub Incorporation, originally from Saint-Étienne, France, returns to Mexico City tomorrow, Sunday, to share their new record material called “Futur”, as well as their message of “equity, strength collective, migration, respect for the past and cultural identities”.

The French group visited the country with a series of performances in forums such as Sala Puebla, in addition to opening the Panteón Rococó concert at the Arena Ciudad de México in 2019, where they had a special collaboration on the song entitled Último Ska.

The new album was released at the end of September 2022 and was conceived during confinement, it is nourished by the experience that its members had in isolation.

For Grégory, the band transcends their worries about the future on their new album, turning them into hope, in order to see people come together and build a world that is respectful for all.

The band started in 1997 and combines reggae music genres such as dancehall, dub, ska with rap and hip-hop, it is also influenced by African rhythms. His songs include lyrics in French, English and Kabyle (Berber language of the Afroasiatic family).

His new album also includes collaborations with reggae personalities such as Alborosie and Kumar; Grégory believes that in his presentations the language does not matter, the essential thing is to feel the energy that emanates on stage.

“On the album cover we base ourselves on Mexican art, we feel very close to their culture, we like the way they remember the dead and the way they represent death, that is what we want to share, the thought that when we are not here, our music persists for years”, concluded the French musician.

The presentation of Dub Inc at the venue located at Zacatecas 39 in the Roma neighborhood begins at 6:00 p.m. and to learn more about the band and their new material you can consult their social networks and their page www.dub-inc.com.