Due to the sanction against Abramovich, Chelsea’s main sponsor suspended its agreement with the club until further notice

Chelsea was left without its main sponsor on the shirt (REUTERS / Matthew Childs) (MATTHEW CHILDS /)

The sanction imposed by the British government on the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich fully impacted the club that is his property: the Chelsea. The Premier League soccer club is reviewing the scope of the punishment on its owner and hours before a presentation for the local tournament suffered another severe setback: its main sponsor decided to suspend the contract.

“In light of the recently announced government sanctions we have asked Chelsea Football Club to suspend our partnership. Mainly the removal of our brand from the shirts and the vicinity of the stadium until further notice”the company announced Three UK In a statement released by the AFP agency.

Within hours of going out on the Norwich pitch, in a preview of what will be Date 30 in the Premier League, different British journalists reported that a prop from the Chelsea He had to go out and buy shirts without the main sponsor on his chest due to the cancellation of the agreement between the club and the company that was investing. The telecommunications company Three UK provisionally suspended his contract with the Bluesafter the British government canceled its sale promoted by Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea is revolutionized since the war declared by Russia on Ukraine (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay)
Chelsea is revolutionized since the war declared by Russia on Ukraine (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay) (HANNAH MCKAY /)

The executives of the Reading company invited the Chelsea authorities to cover the logos of their brand both in sports clothing and also in the surroundings of the Stamforde Bridge stadium. The bond signed by Three and the London institution was signed in 2020, with an extension of three years, in exchange for a figure close to $52 millionas mentioned by the media The Athletic.

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