Duel of Seagulls: Rosa de Francisco, Angélica Rivera or Laura Londoño, which is the favorite?

Seagull, The character created by Fernando Gaitán for his story ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’, is characterized by being determined, strong and passionate but also because she was not a typical princess waiting to be rescued, but rather she went ahead on her own merits.

For that reason he has been a character that has captivated in each of the versions that have been made, although there are undoubtedly differences between the performances of Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Angélica Rivera Y Laura Londoño.

Margarita Rosa de Francisco: passion on set, coldness off-camera

“Since we saw the first episode, we knew that we were doing something from the heart and that we would have a good result.” That’s how safe i was Margarita Rosa de Francisco, the first Seagull, from the success of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’.

For Fernando Gaitan, the writer also of ‘Betty the ugly’, the triumph did not seem so sure. “I was not well known on television,” Gaitán used to say.

What is most remembered about Margarita’s performance is the passion with which her Seagull fell in love with Sebastián Vallejo, the character played by Guy ecker.

Curiously, Rosa de Francisco and Ecker were not very involved off-camera and the chemistry between them was only while they were filming.

The actress herself has spoken about it several times: “Kissing Guy was a delight. However, we didn’t have much in common. When they said cut, each one went to his corner, we had nothing to say to each other, it was very rare ”.

Angélica Rivera: ampoules and tequila

Produced by Nicandro Diaz, the story was adapted into ‘Destilando amor’, a telenovela that turned Angélica Rivera into a Seagull that begins as a peasant woman in an agave field, since the story moved on theme: instead of coffee, it focused on tequila . In fact, the actress spent a week learning this trade.

“We were with the jimadores and I learned a lot because obviously it is a very heavy job, with a lot of physical strength and it is not easy because the machete can remove blisters and the coa is sharp and can slice your foot,” he told Mara Patricia Castañeda days after the end of the soap opera aired.

But as in the case of Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker, the key element of the melodrama was the romantic chemistry between its protagonists. “Many people believed that the couple we made Eduardo Yanez and I was real; And I was very pleased that it was transferred from television to reality because that indicated that we were doing a good job, “said Rivera.

Laura Londoño: she carries the weight of a legend

The 2021 version, which was first broadcast on RCN and is now streaming, has Laura Londoño like the new Seagull but with a difference, since the actress knows that she is an already historical character.

“He is an icon of Colombian culture and it is a challenge and a great honor, something very special in my career,” he said. London. “I learned to trust myself, I learned that life sends us just what we need the moment it sends it to us, even when many times we think we are not ready.”

Unlike ‘Distilling love’, this new ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’ is very attached to the original version of Fernando Gaitán and many fans have pointed out that La Gaviota de London It even bears a physical resemblance to that of Margarita Rosa de Francisco.

Chemistry with your romantic partner (William Levy) has not been as accepted as the previous ones but for Laura Londoño, the Seagull left him an important lesson.

“I learned to trust myself, I learned that life sends us just what we need the moment it sends it to us, even when many times we think we are not ready.”