E-commerce will help small businesses increase sales by up to 300%

C-commerce is helped by messaging platforms to help SMEs (Photo: EFE/EPA/Andrej Cukic) (ANDREJ CUKIC/)

With the pandemic increased businesses that went digital to continue selling their products without depending on physical stores and avoid contagion risks. In this way, the conversational commerce (better known as C-commerce), has estimates up to a 300% increase in sales for this 2022.

In accordance with leads sales, a Mexican technology platform focused on communication management between companies and customers, this year C-commerce will be key to boosting around 300% of sales. online sales of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This type of digital commerce is characterized by the fact that its sales channel is incorporated through messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. Between humans and chatbot tools, businesses can offer better service and attention during the purchase process of their customers.

The organization refers that by joining C-commerce, SMEs have three main advantages, which are:

Messenger is also useful for online sales (Photo: File)
Messenger is also useful for online sales (Photo: File)

one) Fast and direct communication with customers: Depending on the company Statistical, 37% of consumers expect a response on social networks that same day and 28% in less than an hour. Due to the above, companies can improve their sales by having a C-commerce platform that allows them to streamline communication with their customers, through the administration of messaging channels; the interaction can decrease from a 15-minute wait to 5, and strengthens a more effective, direct and fast relationship with the client.

two) Trust: The Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), points out that consumers are still cautious about buying through digital channels, so it is essential that companies take advantage of C-commerce is a direct link with the customer to gain their trust; In addition to the speed of their responses, they must have attractive communication, that is, during the customer journey or the purchase experience, businesses offer a more personalized connection, with human interaction, accessible to attract the attention of their consumers. and earn their interest.

3) Technical assistance and personalized attention: By having better management of conversations, companies have the opportunity to personalize communication with each client and place the right personnel who can resolve interests, problems and/or needs. By having a better message management, each executive will be able to offer adequate and detailed information on the products and services of each client’s preference; as well as personalize messages or create promotions that give you a unique shopping experience.

The WhatsApp messaging application has bots to help companies with their sales (Photo: EP)
The WhatsApp messaging application has bots to help companies with their sales (Photo: EP) (OFFICIAL WHATSAPP/)

It should be noted that a report by the firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), C-commerce would represent 20 percent of the E-commerce market in Mexico by 2025, a situation that could be replicated in other countries.

Also, a report of App Flyer, consumers also generated 55% more revenue from e-commerce apps in 2021 compared to 2020 (March-July). Within this universe, mobile commerce is at the forefront; according eMarketer, sales in this segment are expected to reach nearly $3.2 billion this year and exceed $5 billion in 2025, nearly double the 2020 figure.


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