Earthquake in Japan: a tiktoker showed dark scenes of how the event was experienced

The influencer Novaxs shared a video with his fans showing what happened in Japan.


Japan In the early hours of Monday it registered a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, causing landslides and great possibilities of a tsunami on its coast. Likewise, a mexican tiktoker He lived a terrible experience in the Asian country, as he was there at the time of the catastrophe.

TikToker Novaxs experienced the Japan earthquake

He Novaxs userwho is known for documenting his world travels, recorded and displayed his reaction to the moment the big earthquake occurred. The young man through his social networks shared what his experience was like in the Japanese country. “Is trembling, It’s shaking here in Japan. And look at the door, it’s the safe place… We have to go to the bathroom,” the young man narrated in the video where it was observed that his room moved abruptly.

It is worth mentioning that Novaxs was in a distant part of the epicenter, but despite this, he said that the tremors lasted too long in Japan. “In Mexico, well… I feel like I didn’t hit the epicenter (in Japan). They say seven point and something, but here it was just like (lateral movements), but it lasted too long. Neta, the tremors here last too long,” he continued.


2024 earthquake in Japan

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After the Mexican influencer shared the video where it is seen that he is fine, his fans thanked him for his well-being and sent him many messages of support.

Novasx was not the only Mexican who was in Japan after the earthquake

He tiktoker He was not the only Mexican who was present in the Asian country while the earthquake occurred, since the actress Erika Buenfil with his son Nicolas Buenfil They were also in Japan at the time of the earthquake. The actress’s followers showed her concern, however, Erika, through her social networks, published that they were fine, giving her fans peace of mind.

Meanwhile, the driver Galilea Montijo She was the only one who was saved from living this terrible experience, since the Mexican was also happy. vacation in Japanbut he left the country just a few hours before the registration of the earthquake.

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