Ecatepec and what other places in CDMX appear in the video of Britney Spears and Elton John

Britney Spears has joined forces with Elton John for a new single called “Hold Me Closer.” It is the first new song written by Spears since the middle of the last decade.

The song’s title comes from the lyrics of the early 1970s hit ‘Tiny Dance’, which John co-wrote with his long-time creative partner, Bernie Taupin.

This September 27, the video was released, and although neither Britney nor Elton appears, CDMX does surprise.

The impressive video was shot in Mexico City by award-winning director Tanu Muino, who chose places like Ecatepec, Agustín Hernández Architecture Workshop, Luis Barragán House and Organic House.

The director commented, “It was very emotional for me as I grew up with Britney. After seeing ‘Slave For You’ I decided I wanted to become a video director. Elton John is an icon that I and the world grew up listening to.”

“Going into this video, I knew there would be a lot of emotional expectations between the audience and the fans. With this responsibility, I had to do something different and unexpected. The dance had to be innovative to draw attention and make Elton and Britney proud. To capture this magic, we shot around my favorite architectural spots in Mexico City and we brought in choreographer Jacob Jonas, who does the best contemporary choreography today. Getting the best dancers, equipment and access to some of the most private places in the world was simple as everyone wanted to work with Elton John and be a part of his legacy,” said Tanu Muino.

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