Eduardo Videgaray reveals his current relationship with his brother, the politician Luis Videgaray

Eduardo Videgaray and Luis Videgaray have totally opposite personalities


Eduardo Videgaray He is one of the most famous announcers in Mexico due to the success of the radio program ‘La Corneta’, which is one of the most listened to, since it is characterized by humor with double meanings. In addition, he shares credits with José Ramón Sancristóbal, better known as ‘El Estaca’ and Eduardo’s friend since high school.

He is also a television host, is a man characterized by his good sense of humor; however, he has a counterpart which is his brother, Luis Videgaray, who has held positions in politics; he was finance secretary of the State of Mexico, deputy in the Congress of the Union, president of the PRI in the State of Mexico, secretary of finance and the last one was as secretary of Foreign Relations in the period of Enrique Peña Nieto.

Eduardo Videgaray is 11 months younger than Luis Videgaray. The presenter, 54 years old, has commented on several occasions that in adolescence they were very different, since one liked to study and the other to party.

How is the relationship of the Videgaray brothers?

In an interview for the program ‘El Minuto que cambió mi destino’, by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Eduardo Videgaray revealed what his current relationship with his brother Luis Videgaray is like.

“My brother, when we were children he was my idol. Despite the fact that he is only almost a year older than me, he knew more about life, he taught me, he was the ideologue of mischief. We had a good childhood, but in adolescence our relationship became turbulent, because suddenly it happened that on a Friday I invited my friends to the house to throw riot and Luis had an economics exam at the ITAM at 8 in the morning on Saturday; So he told me that he had to study,” Eduardo recalled.

Today we have a magnificent relationship and he is still my idol. Today he is the person I admire the most and to whom I turn very frequently. I love him very much and we have a very good relationship,” said the beloved television host.

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