Eduin Caz causes astonishment with the new appearance of his face

  • Eduin Caz has a face that is too different according to networks

Eduin Caz would once again give something to talk about for his millions of fans on social networks, this after having appeared as a judge on the program Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, where more than one began to notice that his face looks somewhat strange, causing a total stir.

And it is that for some time it has been speculating that the leader of Grupo Firme would have undergone some aesthetic treatments to look much younger, although he has never confirmed anything, since Eduin Caz rarely talks about his private life before his fans since he He became famous.

“Is it a fusion of Ninel Conde, Lyn May and Eduin Caz”, “Eduin Caz is retaining fluid, does he have lupus or did he have surgery?”, “Did Eduin have surgery on his face?”, “Does Eduin have his whole face made up?», «Eduin is already looking like a handsome squidward», «Eduin Caz is already seen with a lot of botox», they wrote on the networks.

For those who do not know, months ago the Mexican singer would have undergone a nose job, because apparently he began to have certain problems, but the haters, far from believing him, began to tell him that it was only about vanity, since it is common for the celebrities do it to look good on camera.