Eduin Caz reacts to the booing of Grupo Firme at the NFL show

The vocalist of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, finally talks about the criticism and booing that the group received.

On November 21, the famous Mexican regional group, Grupo Firme, performed a live show as part of the NFL Monday Night Soccer Halftime Show.

However, despite signifying another great achievement for the band, many have been criticizing them because they don’t think their music is suitable for an event of this caliber.

But Eduin Caz had not commented on this topic, after his presentation he had only shared a thank you message on his social networks:

“A night full of surprises and learning that I took yesterday at Monday Night Football, to which I congratulate my friends from the 49ers for the victory.”

The vocalist is proud of what all his teammates have achieved and is not afraid of being booed or being badmouthed, for him it is part of his growth.

«It is difficult to open a gap because you will find stones and falls along the way, but whoever is afraid of dying should not be born, it is that easy.

I am happy to be a pioneer of this and I am happy because I know that at the end of the day with the public of their servers we will fill the stadium when they want, “said the singer.