Eduin Caz returns to drink alcohol after several weeks without doing so; “because I feel like it and because yes”

Grupo Firme is undoubtedly very successfulhowever, its vocalist, Edwin Cazhas been involved in some controversial and even they have criticized it for its shape excessive drinkingl even on stage. After this, the singer said that I would stay away from alcoholic beverages, but recently broke his abstinence.

Eduin Caz recently pointed out that he had not had a drop of alcohol for almost a month, something that reassured his fans who were worried about the singer, but through their Instagram stories the famous made it known that he decided to take.One of the reasons why Eduin Caz decided to take it was because his record Pure to pistear It is done on all platforms streaming, he also wrote that he really wanted to drink and that he could do it.

“Today I am going to drink, because I want, because I bring a ch… you win and why yes ”, wrote the singer.

Also, in a story from previous Instagram also posted a photo of music video here is not that a few days ago Grupo Firme premiered. In this image you can see Eduin Caz having a can of beer.

his way of drinking you hhas caused criticism against himsince some mention that should be controlled and above all up the stage Because you have to respect the public.

Despite this, Eduin Caz lives a great moment in his career and was even announced that his group will close with a flourish with a concert that he will give at the Foro Sol in 2023.

And if it was not enough, in personal matters the singer is going through a stage full of love with his wife because in a few months will become a father for the third time even after the vasectomybut this was not an impediment since the couple had frozen eggs.