Edwin Luna responds to ex-partner who called him narcissistic and irresponsible with his son

Edwin Luna responded to the accusations made by the mother of his first child that he did not allow him to be with the minor while he was on stage supporting his father. The act blew up the woman through an Instagram post.

The woman, identified as Erika Monclova, spoke about the bitter pill that Edwin put his family through at a concert where the boy began to sing with his father. She was not allowed to be with him at such an important moment.

«The boy looking for me after singing and having to be with people he doesn’t even know, knowing that he is always with his mother, she is there with him and at a super important moment for him, but everything in this life turns around. You forgot that I perfectly know how everything is handled and your strategy is very diplomatic, “he said in a deleted post.

The mother of Edwin Luna’s first child, Miguel, branded the singer a narcissist because when he had nothing, she was the one who stayed by his side. She asked him to stay humble.

“Everyone gives what they have in their hearts, people cannot be fooled, a complete narcissist, but nothing happens, one continues,” he said.

Edwin Luna did not remain silent before the revelations of his ex-partner and sent a forceful message showing evidence that he is a responsible father and that he pays physical and emotional attention to his little one.

In a video posted on social networks, Luna shared screenshots of the conversations she had with the child’s mother to keep in touch and catch up with her obligations.