Edy Smol and Chumel Torres “grab the bun”: this is what happened

The fights between the fashion guru, Edy Smol, and the influencer Chumel Torres They don’t end on social media. For two years, both have starred in clashes through Twitter; everything originated from Smol’s sympathy towards the 4T and Chumel’s dissidence towards the current government.

After a tweet from the influencer about his perception of insecurity, the head of the Cuídate de la Cámara program called him classist and assured that appearing on television sunk the ego.

The confrontations in networks have been escalating, and in the last episode of this endless story. The host of El Pulso de la República made fun of Edy Smol’s peculiar way of dressing, while he asked him to “come out of the closet”.

This is how the last fight between Edy Smol and Chumel Torres began

A few days ago, Chumel Torres shared the publication of a Twitter user who asked: “What prevents you from dressing like this?”, referring to a photograph in which Edy Smol appeared in a pink outfit with sequins, a jacket from the same color with neon effect, and its characteristic cap.

The influencer also responded and made it clear why he would not dress that way with the phrase: “Self love”.

The fashion advisor was not silent and also used Twitter to send him a message. First, he accused Chumel of using it to give people something to talk about and get followers on social networks. He also asked her to “come out of the closet.”

“Rather, your impossible love. Come out of the closet, you’re obsessed with me. Look, sneaking up on me to have “views”, is already being too dragged, ”replied Smol.

But not everything stopped there. She then shared a photo of Chumel sitting cross-legged, wearing a red scarf tied around his neck, a black t-shirt and pants stained with paint drips.

He added the text to the photo: “Now we do paint the whole house… together and in pink.”

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