El Coyote exposes Peso Pluma for the millionaire amount he charges for a private concert

El Coyote reveals the juicy amount that Peso Pluma charges for a private concert


El Coyote reveals the high price to pay for a private Featherweight concert

José Ángel Ledesma, better known as The coyoteexposed the millionaire amount he charges Featherweight for a private concert. The 52-year-old singer revealed that he found out about the amount his 24-year-old colleague charges because he wanted to hire him for his youngest son’s most recent birthday party.

“(My son) I was angry because I didn’t bring Peso Pluma to sing because I’m not going to pay him.” 20 million pesos for him to sing to me, that’s what he’s charging me“, said El Coyote.

And since El Coyote was not willing to pay that large amount, he told his son that he had two options: have Peso Pluma at his celebration or continue living in his house, since the Sinaloan assured that to pay for the PP show he would have than sell your property.

Let us remember that Julio Preciadocompadre of El Coyote, had already given some statements about the Peso Pluma phenomenon and had commented that the interpreter of ‘She dances alone’, ‘Por las noches’ and ‘Rosa pastel’, among other hits, He earned 15 million pesosa figure that would have increased at the same time as its popularity.

El Coyote admits that Featherweight leads the lists of the Mexican regional

Despite the high price that must be paid for a private concert of Hassan Emilio Kabande Laijareal name of Peso Pluma, El Coyote accepted that his young colleague is at the top of the regional Mexican genre and even his lying corridos have his two sons going crazy.

However, El Coyote would not spend so many millions to hear Peso Pluma sing in a private show and even sent him his best wishes “because what you wish for a person, God sends you a thousand times more. Then I I send you blessings“said the singer.

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