El Potrillo unleashes controversy in concert

Some time ago Alejandro Fernández was criticized for his song “Mátalas”, after it was censored for its content, since it was said that this melody incited violence against women.

For which, since then, the singer publicly apologized and assured that he was going to change the lyrics of such an iconic musical hit, so that his followers feel more comfortable with his songs, he also made it clear that he would not be a promoter of the violence.

In the middle of his show, dedicated to the memory of his father Vicente Fernández, the 52-year-old singer took a short break before singing his final song, to talk to his audience and tell him that he left the song until the end ” kill them” so that whoever does not feel comfortable can leave the venue without missing much of their show.

“Today (Saturday) we are going to sing a song that -perhaps- makes many people uncomfortable, it is a song, a very big hit of my career, but I also wanted to leave it until the end of the show for those who do not want to listen to it Well, you can go out and whoever wants to listen to it has to sing it. Do you already know what song I’m talking about?” she expressed.

After the song “Mátalas” was harshly criticized, the famous man assured that he already had a new version of his song ready, in which the “strongest” parts would be replaced by words that are not related to violence.