Eleazar Gómez and Jeni de la Vega, do they already have a wedding date?

Eleazar Gómez and Jeni de la Vega, do they already have a wedding date?


After the storm came the calm that Eleazar Gómez so needed.

The actor overcomes the wounds of some very hard lessons and rebuilds his life with Jeni de la Vega, the young 29-year-old host who has given him emotional support and has turned him into another person.

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The six-month courtship is going so well that it seems to end in a religious wedding and they would already have until a date for the possible wedding.

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But it will be in the next printed edition of TVyNovelas, this Monday, September 25, where the artists confirm the month they would have planned to give themselves the long-awaited “Yes, I accept.”

Do they already live together? Are there dress tests? Who cooks for whom? These will be some of the questions that we will reveal in the magazine that will go on sale on Monday, September 25.

For now, television celebrities tell us in a video if what is said on different portals is true.