‘Elements’ comes to Disney+ in its September premieres, what is the Pixar film about?

“Ember” and “Wade” star in the new Disney and Pixar film.


Attention Disney+ subscribers! The new Pixar film, “Elements”, was integrated this September 13 into the streaming platform and from today you can see it wherever you want. Get to know some interesting details about this new animated bet.

This Wednesday “Elements,” Pixar’s most recent material, premiered on Disney+one of the most popular streaming platforms, as part of its September premieres, so starting today the film can be seen anywhere in the world.

The interesting moviewhich was in theaters during the month of June, does not arrive alone: ​​it accompanies it an interesting documentary where you can see the links between the plot and the life of the director of “Elements”, Peter Sohn.


In Pixar’s “Elements,” the director Peter Sohn included several aspects related to migration, a situation that he and his family experiencedand the cultural clashes that this phenomenon unleashes, resulting in a mature plot that has become part of the animation house’s most recent bets.

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The movie “Elements” is about the following: “Ember” and “Wade” are two young people (fire and water) who live in “Element City”, a place where land and air also coexist.

The friendly relationship between the girl “Ember” and “Wade” will go through many difficulties, since there are many inhabitants who consider that two different elements should not be related to each other. One of the people who reject this coexistence is “Ember’s” father, who does not view his daughter’s friendship favorably.

These cultural clashes and tensions generated by the rule that “elements must not mix” will generate all kinds of conflicts, while at the same time They project a problem that thousands of migrants around the world face daily.

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The director himself, Peter Sohn, He experienced these problems firsthand as he was an American, the son of Korean immigrants.. Sohn, who grew up in New York, was strongly influenced by Asian tradition and that It generated several cultural shocks that he wanted to reflect in the film.

These anecdotes and family stories of Peter Sohn were taken to make an interesting documentary related to “Elements”: it is about “Pixar Chemistry: The Story of ‘Elements’”, an investigation that lasts 42 minutes and you can see in Disney+.