Elon Musk would soon bring Steam games in Tesla vehicles

Steam built into a Tesla. (photo: Games and more games)

Among the improvements Tesla is preparing for their cars is a enhanced entertainment system powered by its internal system, which can be enjoyed on the central screen. This differentiates it, the important thing now is that there is more and more competition in the segment of electric cars. Well, there is very important news on this subject.

It has been possible for a long time to use tesla arcadewhich allows, among other things, to enjoy games simple (rather classic). But things will change soon as the company will partner with Steam. This is a platform Valve which provides enhanced games that can be downloaded or played on the cloud.

In response to a tweet, Tesla CEO, Elon Musksaid the company is “progressing with steam integration” and that a demo can be expected “probably next month”.

Tesla would integrate Steam into its electric cars.  (photo: <a class=Twitter)” height=”712″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Elon-Musk-would-soon-bring-Steam-games-in-Tesla-vehicles.png” width=”1302″ />
Tesla would integrate Steam into its electric cars. (photo: Twitter)

Tesla wants to venture into the world of video games

There was a time when it became known that the two companies wanted to work together, to strengthen their presence in everything related to the world of entertainment. Elon Musk‘s company will significantly improve its entertainment service, since the options that exist in Steam are more and more advanced. Therefore, users of these cars will be able to enjoy many popular titles.

For its part, Steam will only become a third-party game provider on Tesla. And, this, in addition to giving an additional economic advantage, will also increase its public cache of everything that has to do with the exclusivity of these electric cars.

And how will it work? Everything indicates that it is similar to what is offered on other platforms, such as Windows either Mac; namely, Steam client can download free.

In this way, Tesla and Steam will increase profits. And do not forget that all this can be related to the appearance of accessories, such as joysticks, to control the game much more effectively.

Steam built into a Tesla.  (photo: hypertextual)
Steam built into a Tesla. (photo: hypertextual)

When will Steam come to Tesla electric cars

Well, it’s not very clear and it’s supposed to everything will happen in 2023, but Elon Musk’s own response to a message on Twitter confirmed that things are going in the right direction. So much so that things can move forward.

Tesla’s owner has indicated that next month you will be able to see a trial version, in which both the operation of the interface and the the implementation of a select series of games. Therefore, if you have a car from this manufacturer, you definitely have to feel lucky.

Tesla (Shannon Stapleton/)

Cybertruck, Tesla’s electric van, would also arrive in 2023

The community that was waiting for the Cybertruck already feared an imminent delay in the production of Tesla’s electric truck, because although at first it had been said that production would begin at the end of 2022, the company’s website had withdrawn at the end of last year. any number that referred to that date.

Although it was not clear, now Musk himself has confirmed it, the production of the vehicle announced in 2019 will start “hopefully next year”.

Tesla Cybertruck.  (photo: REUTERS/Jeenah Moon)
Tesla Cybertruck. (photo: REUTERS/Jeenah Moon) (JEENAH MOON/)

The announcement was made by the CEO of Tesla through a call with his investors, in which he argued that “if we introduced new vehicles, our total vehicle production would decrease.”

He further added that “We will not introduce new vehicle models this year” so the start of production of the Roadster, the company’s electric sports car, is also ruled out, as is the Tesla Semi, the truck that the company had proposed.

Asking the billionaire for reasons other than battery production, Musk argued that the price and what people are willing to pay for technology that incorporates the car is one of its main problems.


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