Elton John testifies at trial of Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual assault

Kevin Spacey has pleaded not guilty to the twelve cases of sexual assault he faces and for which he has been on trial in the United Kingdom for almost two weeks. And who now joined as a witness was the singer Elton John.

The singer, who a few days ago ended his farewell tour, testified at Kevin Spacey’s trial through a video call before the London court.

The two-time Academy Award winner called John as a witness on Monday, and the British singer appeared via video link from Monaco.

John was asked about Spacey’s attendance at a lavish party thrown by the singer in the early 2000s, on the way to which Spacey is alleged to have sexually assaulted a driver so aggressively that he almost crashed the car.

John said Spacey spent the night at his and her husband’s house in Windsor after the event, but said: “I don’t remember him coming down after that.”

Prosecutor Christine Agnew also questioned him about a photo showing the complainant outside a London theater when John was leaving the venue on another occasion a few years later.

John said he did not recognize the man and would not have noticed him at the time as it was “always a mad dash” to get to his car when leaving a location with photographers outside.

“They could be the queen and I don’t realize it,” she said.

John’s husband, David Furnish, also testified via video link from Monaco, saying Spacey had only attended an annual party at their house in 2001, a few years before the accuser had stated in his testimony.