Emerging artists: the chosen ones of Art Basel Miami Beach in 2022

During Art Basel, several galleries are betting on their emerging artists.

The largest contemporary art fair, Art Basel, back in Miami Beach Convention Centerhas once again highlighted a space for new gallery owners, with new points of view.

It can be said that they stand out for the uniqueness of their exhibitions. And in the 2022 edition there are several new artists to take into account. Those of three galleries that do not go unnoticed stand out above all: k-art, Rolf Art Gallery Y Sophie Tappeiner Gallery.


Erin Ggaadimits Ivalu Gingrich, photographed in Anchorage by Brian Adams for Art Basel.
Erin Ggaadimits Ivalu Gingrich (Brian Adams/ ArtBasel.com)

This gallery features works by established and emerging Native American and indigenous artists: Erin Ggaadimitis Ivalu Gingrich Y Robyn Tsinnajinnie, among them. Both have a peculiar way of pouring perspectives on their personal, local and national environments into art.

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K Art is currently one of the only Native American-owned art galleries concentrating on the works of established and emerging creators. According to the founder and owner of K Art, dave kimelberg: “Indigenous art is generally viewed through a historical lens, which sees the indigenous experience frozen in the past and not in the present.”

Instead, he argues: “Indigenous peoples exist in the present with unique challenges and worldviews: Showcasing contemporary indigenous artwork highlights the current experience of Native peoples and communities.”

Robyn Tsinnajinnie, Vasectomy Now!, 2022. Both images courtesy of the artist and K Art, Buffalo, New York.
“Vasectomy Now!” by Robyn Tsinnajinnie. (Courtesy of the artist and K Art, Buffalo, New York)

In support of the newest, Gingrich and Tsinnajinnie, inside the sector stand Not going from K Art you will be able to appreciate sculptures of carved fish from the former, which reflect the traditional beliefs of their ancestors, united with the natural environment as gifts collected from the earth. This young carver of Alaska debuts at Art Basel Miami Beach with works on seals and salmon, evidence of the close relationship of his work with nature.

Also on display are acrylics by the Navajo artist Tsinnajinnie, whose goal is to create conversations about power dynamics and the mistreatment of women.

Rolf Art Gallery

José Alejandro Restrepo, María Teresa Hincapié, Parquedades, 1987. (Courtesy of Rolf Art Gallery, Buenos Aires)
José Alejandro Restrepo and María Teresa Hincapié, “Parquedades”, work from 1987. (Courtesy of Rolf Art Gallery)

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Rolf Art Gallery is the only gallery of Argentina specialized in technical images with a focus on contemporary Latin American visual arts. This year she makes her Art Basel debut.

The founder and director of Rolf Art Gallery, Giordana Braunbring Parquedades: Park Scenes for an Actress, Video and Music. The work, conceived by Jose Alejandro Restreporecognized worldwide as the precursor of video art and audiovisual installation in Latin Americais interpreted by the Colombian Maria Teresa Hincapiepioneer of performance art in the region.

parked It is, according to Braun, “one of the first expressions of long-term experimental video performance exercises in Colombia, which revealed the possibilities of interaction and exchange between the language of visual, technological, and performative arts.”

The work, which will captivate Art Basel attendees, reveals images of situations in the context of a park, such as benches, pigeons, details of a woman’s body… While the performance artist, Hincapié, improvises on stage in time real with slow movements and gestures between the monitors.

This compilation embodies the essence of Rolf Art Gallery, which aims to recover, promote and legitimize the work of artists who explore non-traditional formats in Latin America. In this way, the art they make serves as reflections on the realities experienced in the region.

Sophie Tappeiner Gallery

Installation by Sophie Reinhold with Sophie Tappeiner Gallery, Vienna.  (Courtesy of the artist and Sophie Tappeiner Gallery, Vienna. Photo by kunst-dokumentation.com)
Installation by Sophie Reinhold, AT Sophie Tappeiner Gallery. (Courtesy of the artist, Sophie Tappeiner Gallery and kunst-dokumentation.com)

The unique gallery that is based in vienna will exhibit in the sector positionsdedicated to young galleries exhibiting individual presentations by emerging artists.

Sophie Tappeiner, who is the owner and founder of the eponymous gallery, describes the exhibition as “a strong focus on intersectional feminism, the body and how our being is constituted by the world around us and vice versa”. And to emerge within that concept, she chose Sophie Reinhold, resident painter in berlin.

The exhibition features ten paintings of the same size installed in a straight line that allude to depression. Reinhold was born in the old German Democratic RepublicFor which reason, Tappeiner explains, “he witnessed firsthand the battle of conflicting ideologies while growing up between two grand narratives or promises: socialism and capitalism.” This is why the surfaces of his paintings, in which he creates reliefs with marble dust, “negotiate the narrative potential of images, how systems manifest and story writing in general.”


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