Emilio Larios or Emilio Osorio? Niurka responds to rumors that Bobby is the father of her son

In social networks, the insistent rumor emerged that Emilio Osorio would not actually be the son of Juan Osorio, but of Bobby Larios, the actor who together with Niurka Marcos formed “the scandalous couple” several years ago.

The journalist Lucho Borrego questioned Niurka about it on the Telemundo program ‘Sit whoever can!’, and asked him if he had spoken to Emilio about it:

Niurka prepared to respond and first said: “I’m glad you asked me because I hadn’t had a chance to gossip about it to people.”

Later answered that his son has features of Juan Osorio: “When I met Bobby, Emilio was already born. So I think that fate is mischievous afterwards, and sometimes it gives the vultures a little food, but Emilio has all the resemblance of Juan, his father, he has traits in his smile, in his eyebrows, and besides, she has her mother’s beauty”.

Niurka also stated: “But people are morbid, so look, if they want to doubt who the father is, what a pity for Juan because I love him and respect him, but the truth is I have no doubt who the mother is.”

Of course, when Borrego insisted on his son’s position, Niurka replied: “Emilio is worth a mother!”.

The Cuban responded at minute 2:03 of the following video:

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In social networks they assure that Emilio looks like the son of Bobby Larios.

Some media have even published comparisons of Emilio with Bobby and his son Santiago, who also spends time in the gym.

This is what Santiago looks like:

This is what Emilio looks like:

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