Emilio Osorio confesses when his fame rose

To begin 2024, Emilio Osorio will release a song together with his sister, Romina Marcos, talking about family relationships and mentioning his controversial mother, Niurka.

The last:

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They could expel a competitor from Exatlón México after the complaint of another reality participant

Valentino Lanús received threats from Jorge Kahwagi


Valentino Lanús received threats from Jorge Kahwagi

In this way, the artist leaves behind everything that has to do with the so-called Team Hell, as he assures that it is a closed cycle and that the tattoo he got in honor of the group he formed in The House of the Famous was the best way. to put an end to it.

And although many would think that the success of the reality show brought fame to his head, Juan Osorio’s son revealed in an interview with Televisa Espectáculos that it was another project that took his feet off the ground.

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“It was with Aristemo that I got my first big shot at fame and that’s when I got lost, I went to hell, I was inept, I was wrong. But it is a blessing that at 20 years old I already know how to handle it.”the artist told the television cameras.

His courtship with Leslie Gallardo is going wonderfully, since he considers her “a transparent woman, but with a super strong character, I love her because she is very intense and I enjoy that.”