Emilio Osorio responds directly to Niurka for blocking him

Niurka doesn’t even leave her children behind.


Emilio Osorio breaks the silence about the scandal he is involved in with his mother, Niurka Marcos.

A few days ago we informed you that Niurka blocked her own son, Emilio Osorio, from her networks for “equalsince his fame had already risen”, after his participation in LCDLFM.

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Within the framework of the presentation of his new video titled “Astronaut”, Emilio Osoriowho now calls himself ‘Hawk’responded to questions from the media about the lawsuit he has with his mother, Nurkawho he already forgave himbut “as of now, I am already 55 years old, and I’m going to enjoy life starting from me because I’m done raising children. The maintenance of people is overspending money all my life for my family.”

“I think that In all families there are frictions; I’m already growing up, obviously I’m not that (teenager) anymore, three years in my life are a lot of difference because I am no longer a minor and there are things in which suddenly we do not fit, sometimes she doesn’t fit what I think and vice versa. But There is one thing that I never forget: that she is my mother.. I spoke with her and everything was agreed… Although we are a mess. As a family, we do everything from love,” he expressed. Emilio.

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