Emmanuel and Mijares will start Two’r Amigos: 10 years

The duo will offer two concerts at the National Auditorium on May 27 and 28.

For 10 years, Emmanuel and Mijares have shared the stage at Two’r Amigos, which began “as a small dream, which has progressed, transformed, and made itself known to the public and to circumstances.”

This duo has come up with a formula where they combine their hits, exchange songs and sing a duet in a musical experience that has allowed them to consolidate their “friendship and complicity”.

A decade after they added talents, the singers will begin the Two’r Amigos: 10 years tour, on May 25, in Monterrey and then they will have two dates at the National Auditorium, on the 27th and 28th of the same month.

These presentations, the artists commented, “will be number 61 and 62” at the Reforma venue and are part of a tour that for a decade has reached various parts of the country, as well as the United States, Central and South America.

“We are forever friends; since Emmanuel invited me to do his choirs, a great friendship arose; you can’t fool the public about two artists getting along or not getting along.

It has been a relationship of respect and admiration, which the spectators recognize and enjoy with a show of two friends having fun, giving everything that each one can give in terms of effort and talent”, explained the interpreter of Bella and Soldado del amor .

The repertoire, Emmanuel stressed, “cannot be changed because it is a concert that takes up the successes of each one, for which people come to see us; we do modify the arrangements, the costumes, the ensemble and what happens on stage; sometimes also the order of the songs, but there is an essence for what has lasted this iconic show for a decade and has been something interesting in the musical medium ”.

During this time, Manuel Mijares resumed, “we have been learning and we never stop doing it; You always have to be open from how you sing a version, for example with Bella, since 1986, even though it has been performed thousands of times, there is always a desire to improve”.

Now, the duo is back with a renewed show, to celebrate a decade of this incredible madness of a show that has it all: great voices, songs and an interesting audiovisual experience.

Two’r Amigos “has evolved, above all, in terms of the people who attend; It is incredible that from a few years to date, the number of kids singing El rey azul, Toda la vida or Soldado del amor has increased at concerts, and you also see their parents and grandparents; if we had planned it, this generational transmission would not have happened,” commented Mijares, who was asked about the advice he has given his daughter Lucero, who will have her debut in the musical El mago, at the Teatro Hidalgo, on the 30th of June.