Emmanuel Macron demanded that Iran stop helping Russia for its war in Ukraine

France demanded that Iran immediately cease its assistance to Russia to deal with the war in Ukraine (REUTERS) (Pool /)

The French president Emmanuel Macron demanded this Saturday to his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, drop your attitude and immediately cease its assistance to Russia to deal with the war in Ukraine.

The Élysée leader urged Raisi to put an end to the drone shipments to Moscow, which are used in attack operations against Volodimir Zelensky’s troops, and warned of the “seriousness of the consequences” -both in terms of security and humanitarian matters- of said actions.

Tehran sends Shahed drones to Moscow, with which troops attack Ukrainian infrastructure (AP)
Tehran sends Shahed drones to Moscow, with which the troops attack the Ukrainian infrastructure (AP) (Ebrahim Noroozi /)

As has been verified, unmanned aircraft shahed they are built in Iran and shipped across the Caspian Sea.

In recent months, the Kremlin has been forced to turn to its allies to get resources and material to carry out the fighting, after the West had a long list of arms sanctions and industrial componentsfor their crimes.

As a result, Tehran has become one of its main suppliers of key weapons technologies that compete with the equipment sent by NATO.

Tehran has become one of Russia's main suppliers of key weapons technologies (REUTERS)
Tehran has become one of Russia’s main suppliers of key weapons technologies (REUTERS) (WANA NEWS AGENCY /)

Inclusive, USA recently warned about the factory setup of these powerful drones on Russian soil that “could be fully operational by early next year”said White House Homeland Security spokesman John Kirby.

Washington’s warning came after a satellite image of the possible location of this plant was published, in the special economic zone of Alabuga -some 900 kilometers east of Moscow-, along with reports of shipments of materials necessary for construction. of the fabric.

“The Russia-Iran military partnership appears to be deepening”commented Kirby while an anonymous international security informant assured that “the connection is much bigger than just drones”.

Putin Ayatollah contract
A report that Infobae accessed exposed the deep alliance between the theocratic regime and the Kremlin, as well as the installation of a drone factory on their land (Infobae).

This approach threatens peace and securitynot only from the region but from around the world, and could be key in Tehran’s efforts to strengthen its nuclear program.

Coincidentally, this was another of the topics addressed in the telephone communication between Macron and Raisi. The French President conveyed to his counterpart his “concern” for the progress of his project after, ten days ago, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed that the country increased its enriched uranium reserves by almost a third with a purity of 60% between mid-February and mid-May.

Macron stressed his willingness to “find a diplomatic solution” but remained firm in his claim to Tehran for “concrete and verifiable de-escalation measures”as well as an adjustment “without delay” to its international obligations and commitments already assumed with the IAEA.

This file photo released on November 5, 2019 by the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency shows several centrifuges at the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz in central Iran.  (International Atomic Energy Agency, via AP, File)
Iran increased its reserves of uranium enriched with a purity of 60% by almost a third between mid-February and mid-May (AP)

The Persian regime had accepted, on March 4, a series of conditions such as the activation of surveillance cameras at its nuclear facilities, which allow the organization’s experts to supervise the tasks remotely, and the extension of inspection permits on site.

However, it has been going back on its word, making it difficult to properly control this compound, used in the manufacture of atomic bombs.

Lastly, the conversation addressed other agenda items such as the situation of four French “State hostages” in Iran, of whom Macron demanded their immediate release, and the situation in the Middle East. On the latter, the European official reiterated his “constant commitment to stability and security” and the importance of strengthening regional cooperation around “common challenges.”

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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