Emmanuel Macron said that the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur “is not possible” if Latin America violates environmental regulations

Emmanuel Macron at the national agriculture fair (Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS) (LUDOVIC MARIN/)

The President of France, Emmanuel Macronwarned this Saturday that a trade agreement between the European Union and the countries of mercosurit’s not possible“if Latin Americans do not respect the environmental standards like the Europeans.

An agreement with the Latin American countries It is not possible if they do not respect the Paris agreements (on the climate) like us and if they do not respect the same environmental and health restrictions that we impose on our producers,” Macron declared, on the sidelines of his visit to the great national agricultural fair.

Mercosur is made up of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguayall of them, important agricultural powers.

“When restrictions are placed on our growers, we must impose them on the food we importsomething that is not done enough at the European level,” Macron said.

The EU and Mercosur closed a trade agreement in 2019, after more than 20 years of complex negotiations, but this it was not ratified due to concern in Europe about the environmental policy of the former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro.

The tone has changed in favor as a result of the return to power of the left-wing president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and earlier this year, the vice-president of the European Commission, Frans TimmermannsHe said that the EU expects to sign the agreement for the month of July.

French farmers, and cattle breeders in particular, fear the entry into the community market of South American agricultural products subject to less demanding production standards than those of the EU.

Macron spoke of the EU-Mercosur agreement during his visit to the great national agricultural fair (Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS)
Macron spoke of the EU-Mercosur agreement during his visit to the great national agricultural fair (Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS) (LUDOVIC MARIN/)

Macron also announced that will travel to China “at the beginning of April” and called on Beijing to “help put pressure on Russia” for “stop aggression” to Ukraine and “build peace”.

China released a 12-point document on Friday calling for peace talks and a “political solution” between the parties. Macron considered that this peace “only possible if it includes an end to Russian aggressionthe withdrawal of troops and respect for the territorial sovereignty and the Ukrainian people”.

On Friday, Macron advocated “increase the pressure and isolation of Russia” for Moscow to give up its “aggression enterprise” against Ukraine, in a video conference with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He highlighted as a “priority” “intensify support” for Ukraine so that it can recover its sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Elysee detailed in a statement. “In this sense, the Head of State stressed the importance of combat any circumvention of existing sanctions” by Russia, adds the message.

A year after the large-scale invasion orchestrated from Moscow, the French and Turkish leaders talked about “useful actions” that can benefit the civilian populations and “in favor of a return to peace that is carried out with full respect for the legitimate rights of Ukraine”.

They also discussed their joint efforts to allow the export of Ukrainian agricultural products, “essential for global food security.”

In the videoconference, Macron also conveyed his country’s willingness to “respond to humanitarian emergency” derived from the recent earthquake.

“After sending two civil security detachments on the same day to participate in the emergency search, France is now mobilizing by sending material and food, and continues to care for about 100 people a day in its field hospital deployed in Gölbasi,” said the release.

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