Emmanuel ready to receive the “Award for Musical Excellence” at the Latin Grammy 2021

Emmanuel started his career in the late 80’s (Photo: Instagram / @ emmanueloficial)

Emmanuel announced, on his official Instagram account, that he will get the award for “Musical Excellence” at the next ceremony of the Latin Grammy 2021. The Mexican singer made the information public through an audiovisual, where he is seen walking in a luxurious venue in Las Vegas.

The performer of songs like The smoke girl and Beautiful lady dressed in a look totally rocker while commenting on his arrival in the so-called Sin City: “We have arrived in Las Vegas, we are going to receive the Grammy for Musical Excellencehe said in a video he posted on his Instagram profile.

While walking through the looby from the venue, Emmanuel highlighted the importance of the place as a unique center for entertainment and music: “We are here, enjoying this historic place. Las Vegas is a historical place (for) everything that has happened here, all the artists who have sung here, all the musical history that has happened here”, He commented.

Emmanuel expressed his emotion and correspondence when being contemplated for the special Latin Grammy award: “We are going to receive this recognition with great affection and great joy. I show them to him after a while “he added in the same snippet.

The audiovisual exceeded 28 thousand reproductions. The comment box, unsurprisingly, was filled with applause from his fans and loyal supporters of the record maker like Between moons and I’d like. However, some colleagues from the music industry guild also expressed their affection for Emmanuel.

Emmanuel and Mijares (Photo: Instagram @ EmmanuelOficial)
Emmanuel and Mijares starred in a joint tour, which was a resounding success (Photo: Instagram / @ EmmanuelOficial)

“You deserve that and more”, commented Thalia. “Congrats friend. Much deserved”, I note Yuri from your verified account. Meanwhile, fans of his music recognized the performer.

Unlike other awards such as “Record of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, “Best Pop Vocal Album”, among many more, the award that Emmanuel will receive is not subject to competition. The Latin Recording Academy, the body that makes the Latin Grammy official, awards the “Award for Musical Excellence” as a tribute to artists with a long career.

The gala will be held this Thursday, November 18.  (Photo: Composition)
The gala will be held this Thursday, November 18. (Photo: Composition)

According to what is written on the official website of the Latin Grammy, the “Award for Musical Excellence” has as its raison d’être to highlight performers who have contributed to Latin music and their communities over the years. In this category, all nominees are recognized.

The Latin Grammys 2021 not only extended the honor to Emmanuel, but to a whole group of Spanish-speaking artists, among which important names for the music industry stand out such as Fito Paez, Joaquin Sabina and Gilberto santa rosa.

With the upcoming Latin Grammy Awards, Emmanuel will join an exclusive group of musicians recognized with the special statuette. The “Award for Musical Excellence” has been awarded to Yuri, Lupita D’alessio, Pimpinela, Joan Báez, Ricardo Montaner, Los Lobos, Miguel Ríos, Armando Manzanero, Charly García, among many others.

Fito Paez 1920
Fito Páez is one of the most famous composers in Argentina (Reuters Photo / Danny Moloshok)

It should be noted that the distinguished recognition is only for one representative of each country per year. This 2021, Emmanuel was selected by the nationality of Mexico. Since its creation in 2000, Mexican musicians of the stature of José José, Alberto Vázquez and Angélica María they have received standing ovation at the Latin Grammy ceremony as excellence of sound art.

In regular categories, the Latin Grammy 2021 distinguished artists such as Bad Bunny, Pablo Alborán, Rubén Blades, C. Tangana and Camilo in the dispute for “Album of the year”. For its part, it is expected that J Balvin get some prizes.

On the other hand, he highlighted the nomination of Argentina Nathy Peluso, who broke the figures in the services of streaming with his disk Muscle cramp, as well as the Venezuelan artist Ark, which has collaborated with international musicians such as Björk and Kanye West; both in the category of alternative music.

The Latin Grammy ceremony returns after two years of absence due to the health pandemic. The award will be given on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. (Central Mexico) on the television network TNT.


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