Enchanting “fairy dresses” made entirely of flowers and leaves

Japanese artist Momotsuki makes miniature garments with flowers, petals and leaves inspired by the magical creatures of the forest.

Flowers and leaves are as full of creative possibilities as regular art supplies like paper or paint. On top of that, their ephemeral and fragile qualities add a layer of melancholy and wonder to the works created with them.

The work of Momotsuki, a Japan-based botanical artist, is a great example of this. She is the mastermind behind Fairy’s Dress, which sees her craft miniature garments out of flowers, petals, and leaves. If forest fairies wear outfits like this, they are not only magical beings, but they are also fashion icons.

On her website, the artist explains that even though her account only started in 2021, the idea of ​​making fairy dresses dates back to her childhood. She wasn’t able to make it happen until much later; However, she started gardening at a young age.

A couple of years ago, while recovering from depression, she took a walk in the garden, suddenly saw a flower, and set out to create a fairy dress made of roses, ivy, periwinkle, and hydrangea. Now, her works are so popular that one of her dresses garnered more than 160,000 likes on Twitter.

While he seems to work primarily with preserved flowers, such as roses and geraniums, the occasional bit of cotton and leaves find their way into his creations.

She is especially prone to diversifying her materials for dresses celebrating holidays like Christmas and New Years. And with each dress of hers, Momotsuki always shares her list of used materials, including the type of flowers she incorporated into each miniature dress.

The artist shows her creations in decorated mounts covered with moss or wood. Each screen typically features a natural backdrop, which enhances the beauty of each creation and perpetuates the idea that these costumes are for mythical creatures of the woods. It is as if she is throwing her designs to the fairies so that they come and select her favorite.

If you like her work, the artist offers calendars, greeting cards, and other goodies featuring her fairy dresses on her web store.