Enrique Guzmán breaks the silence on strong accusations of abuse against a minor

Enrique Guzmán, once again in the eye of the hurricane.


A few days ago, Emilio Morales, former manager of Sylvia Pasquel, mentioned having seen a compromising video in which Enrique Guzmán appears with a minor.

“I believed in Enrique GuzmanI gave Enrique Guzmán the benefit of the doubt and then I found out things that I cannot present… The only thing I can say is that There is a video out there where Enrique Guzmán is abusing a girl. Alejandra (Guzmán) has the video, the girl’s mother, Enrique Guzmán, of course she saw it and it seems very strong to me.”

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” href=”https://www.tvynovelas.com/famosos/juan-jose-origel-llama-hocicona-a-shanik-berman-y-ya-no-quiere-verla-en-su-programa” >



Juan José Origel calls Shanik Berman a snout and no longer wants to see her on his program

” href=”https://www.tvynovelas.com/famosos/esta-famosa-es-la-voz-oficial-de-quien-es-la-mascara” >



This famous is the official voice of Who is the mask?

Enrique Guzman was captured by the media and responded on the delicate topic that now has him again in the eye of controversy.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything. Am I in the habit of seeing ladies or girls? Surely since I have a reputation for being vi0l4d0r of girls all my life, I have done it many times, they are crazy. I don’t know who Emilio Morales is“I don’t know him, I don’t know anything, I’m not even aware, I don’t know if (the video) Alejandra has it, I don’t know what they’re talking to me about.”

Given the rumors that the minor could be the eldest daughter Mayela Lagunahis ex-daughter-in-law, the singer commented: “I don’t know who Mayela is… The lady who also says she is her daughter, surely since I have a reputation for being a child vi0l4d0r, all my life, I have done it many times, they are crazy , that exposes (the audios), we will have to see it, I bet they don’t release it.”

Finally, when asked if he is afraid that the statements of alleged abuse he made Frida Sofia against him are true, Mr. Guzmán responded: “I don’t know who Frida is… Ah, the girl, she can say whatever she wants, it’s her word against mine.”

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