«Envinadas» cancels episode with «El Temach» after criticism on social networks

  • The podcast team finds itself between social criticism and its content decisions, resulting in the removal of the controversial episode

The hosts of “Envinadas”, Mariana Botas, Daniela Luján and Jessica Segura, find themselves in the eye of the hurricane after having invited the influencer El Temach to one of their episodes.

The TikToker has previously been accused of making misogynistic and sexist comments, which generated a wave of criticism from users on social networks.

Given the avalanche of criticism on social networks for appearing to be incongruent with the feminist values ​​they promote, they decided to delete the publication announcing their participation and not broadcast the episode.

The trio of presenters, known for their commitment to feminism, faced outrage from many of their followers, who considered the decision to give space to a character with a history of sexist behavior on their YouTube channel incongruous.

Given the avalanche of negative comments, the hosts chose to delete the publication that announced the participation of El Temach in their podcast. Despite the controversy, some voices on social networks praised the drivers’ quick response in removing the publication.

The Envinadas, as they are known collectively, faced a dilemma between public expectation and their editorial decisions. Despite the initial commotion, they later received praise for their responsiveness to audience concerns, reflected in comments such as “I’m glad that post is no longer there. Thanks for listening”.

“The best decision they could have made”, “It is good that they listen to their audience”, were some of the messages of support that the hosts received after the decision to withdraw the controversial publication.

However, not all comments were supportive. Some users criticized the so-called ‘cancel culture’, arguing that it promotes fanaticism and prevents the possibility of opening discussions on important topics.