Erik “Terrible” Morales advised Julio César Chávez Jr. not to “seek to be like his father”

The “Terrible” Morales explained that Julio César Chávez Jr. should not imitate Chávez González (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Within Mexican boxing there are different figures that have marked a legacy at different times, one of them was Erik The terrible Morales, the former boxer was world champion of the WBC Y WBO at super bantamweight. His experience in the ring has given him a level to approach young fighters and give them advice for those who start in the sport of fists and gloves.

Recently the Terrible Morales took the time to chat with Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, son of caesar of boxing. Although Chávez Jr. already has a long history in boxing and was already a champion of the World Boxing Council, Erik Morales was encouraged to advise him so that he takes a different course from the one he is doing with his sports career.

In a live broadcast via Instagram from Chavez Jr.’s verified account, julito made a link with The terrible Morales. Both Mexican boxing figures spoke about the projects they have at the door and the next fights to be contested. In front of the thousands of followers who witnessed the talk of the sports figures, the also Mexican politician He told Julio what he should do to take off and be a better fighter.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Chávez Jr. said that he will not seek to be like his father (Photo: Instagram/@jcchavezjr)

During the talk, Morales insisted that Julio César stop getting involved in media scandals and that he dedicate himself to training to recover his competitive level that once led him to carry the title of world champion.

“Hey dude, get to training, stop the ching****s, man! forget about the problems”, he pointed out.

Chávez Carrasco argued that the problem lies with the people who dedicate themselves to talking about his image but that they do not affect him. But one of the observations that the retired boxer shared with the native of Culiacan, Sinaloa consisted of acknowledging the good level he had with the boxing coach, Freddy Roach.

Julio César Chávez Jr and Terrible Morales Julio César Chávez Jr and Erik Terrible Morales Instagram broadcast
The Terrible Morales advised Julio César Chávez Jr (Photo: Instagram/@jcchavezjr)

“You start training, don’t pay attention to people, start training, do what you know, no, not what you know. there are some fights when you were with freddie roach you were working very well; the distance, the steps, the guard, the defense, the entrance and exit”, said Erik Morales.

And after recognizing that technique, the Terrible released a controversial criticism that made Chávez Jr. uncomfortable because he was compared to Julio César Chávez, the great Mexican champion.

“The problem is that you want to imitate your dad and that’s where the riata takes you”

Erik Terrible Morales Erik Morales boxer terrible morales the terrible morales
Erik Morales was a successful boxer in the 1990s and early 2000s (Photo: Instagram/@terrible100)

Chávez Carrasco immediately corrected that observation and pointed out that at no time has he sought to copy his father’s trajectory. “You try to imitate your dad and you can’t, you are very tall and very long. Your dad was a ‘sotaco’ [sic] for the weight, you have to understand that,” said Erik Morales.

And it is that the different comparisons between the style and success between Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez Y Junior they have been constant because their family bond has not been separated from the successes they accumulated Mr. Knockout with which Chávez Jr. currently has.

Following the advice of the retired boxer in 2014, the son of boxing legend set out to answer such comparisons and made it clear that he is exploring new styles lead you to find the one that suits you best.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Julio César Junior’s last fight was on December 19 against the Peruvian David Pantera Zegarra (Photo: Instagram/@jcchavezjr)

I don’t want to imitate himI learned to box watching him but I don’t want to imitate him. I’m not interested in imitating him or being anything. I think for myself, I don’t want to imitate him; I see you, I see him and I have seen many boxers and I try to get a style out of all the boxers”, he explained.

Julio César Junior’s last fight was on December 19 against the Peruvian David Panther Zegarra, which won by decision of the judges. So far he has no next opponent to face, although he has expressed his desire to compete against the American Jake Paul.


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