Erika Buenfil reveals the truth about her role in ‘Candy Cruz’, the HBO Max series, is it pure fiction?

‘Candy Cruz’ can currently be seen on HBO Max.


Erika Buenfil plays Bárbara, the villain of the series ‘Candy Cruz’.

If you are a fan of realities culinary events where participants compete to prepare the best dishes, you’ve probably heard of the series ‘Candy Cruz’a Mexican production for the small screen starring Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Eugenio Siller and Erika Buenfil.

Throughout the chapters, the story of Candy (Cassandra) is told, who has the gift of cooking and, Thanks to his family, he participates in a contest that is reminiscent of great real-life productions such as ‘Families in front of the fire’, ‘MasterChef’ and ‘Sugar Rush’, to name a few. The interesting thing about this proposal, which premiered on October 19, is the dynamic of how relationships between characters arise both inside and outside the reality.

On this topic, the cast members have spoken about it, and It was Erika Buenfil who clarified a doubt that many probably Is the behavior of celebrities in shows like ‘Candy Cruz’, on HBO Max, completely fictional or does it have a real background?

The actress, known for her role in ‘True loves‘ (2012), mentioned that, when playing the villain in this story, understands that in real life things “are not necessarily harmonious” as many may think.

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“Sometimes it depends on each production, but they are two completely different worlds,” he said in an interview with ‘Infobae’. “The production against the actors and you always have to reconcile all of that for a final result. Sometimes you can’t get along with your partner and you have to keep flowing. In this case it didn’t happen, but it happened to us.”

Erika Buenfil in Candy Cruz

Erika Buenfil plays Bárbara, the producer of the reality show in Candy Cruz.


For her part, the protagonist added that, from her perspective, The series is not so far from reality, since there are always “good people and bad people”.

Where to watch ‘Candy Cruz’

‘Candy Cruz’ is available on the platform HBO Max at the moment. The season has 10 episodes, it is possible to watch them in their entirety with a monthly subscription.

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