Eternal secret! Luis Miguel’s biographer refuses to talk about Marcela’s death

If there is someone who knows very well the life of Luis Miguel is the journalist Javier Leon Herrera, who has published three books about the singer, the most recent Oro de Rey. During his last visit to Mexico, the Spanish writer told us that, although he has a documented version of the disappearance of Marcela Basteri, the mother of the Sun, he will never make it known out of respect for Luis Miguel and his brothers; Furthermore, he told us that it is false that he is suing the producer Gato Grande, producer of Luis Miguel’s series, for having used data from his latest text for the second and third seasons of the project. It is worth mentioning that in the first season he was in contact with the producer because they relied on his first book, Luis Mi Rey, to develop the story.

How was your experience working on the Luis Miguel series? Wonderful, for all that it meant; Beyond the project, which was very beautiful, it was the arrival of that professional recognition and that implicit authorization; I am very grateful, it has been a gratifying experience that has brought me many satisfactions on a professional level, and I will be forever satisfied that it has helped the protagonist himself to relaunch.

Why didn’t you continue collaborating on the second and third season of the project? We had this book (Oro de Rey) pending for many years. Juan Manuel Navarro and I had talked about how at some point we had to tackle the second part of Luis Miguel’s life; The problem was that the times were out of date, the production of the series took six months, in such a way that when we resumed the talks, the agreement was complicated, there we decided amicably each to continue on our way.

In the program Drop the soup! made sure that you would take legal action against the producer of the series … It seems to me that they gave wrong information, I have not sued absolutely anyone, that is not true, I have not had any problem in that sense, the relationship ended absolutely cordial. I say this categorically: that is not true.

Did they use information from your book for seasons you didn’t participate in? No, they established their investigation for their part and we established ours; logically that at some point there may be things that coincide because the facts are the facts, but there has not been any kind of bad vibes or bad vibes or anything. I am infinitely grateful to the series for the opportunity we were given to have contributed that little grain of sand, and mainly because it could have a positive impact on Luis Miguel’s career.

On the other hand, in your books you address the death of Marcela Basteri due to unnatural causes, but you have never given more details … I will never pass that line, because the disappearance and absence of the figure of Luis Miguel’s mother and his brothers is also an episode that generated a lot of pain, and the memory is something that continues to hurt in some way because it is nothing nice, and that must be respected. I believe that with the public knowing that from a given moment Luis Miguel was left without the important figure of any human being, such as the mother, it is enough to understand him; Going into details is something that I prefer to reserve for myself and leave it for the privacy of the brothers, who are the ones to whom it belongs.

Do you know how Luis Miguel’s mother died? Yes, I have a version; Due to life circumstances, when I began the investigation of Luis Mi Rey, a series of people crossed my path who for some reason trusted in the work that I could do, and did trust me with certain information and documentation where I had access to the version that I am convinced that is what happened.

Have you been to the house where it is said that she may have been disappeared? I have been practically in all the important places in what was the life of Luis Miguel, and that were not few: Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Argentina … Definitely, in every place where I could get some information, we’ve been there.

With three books about Luis Miguel, is the topic closed? Closed no, what is evident is that with the works that we have done to date, we have covered everything that is the biographical chronological line of Luis Miguel. In order to do something else about him, we will have to wait for time to pass and for more things to happen, and hopefully they will, because Luis Miguel is still a relatively young artist with the possibility of generating music and, ultimately, generating happiness for himself. his thousands of followers.

Are you still in contact with Luis Miguel? Yes, what happens is that this falls within the confidentiality that I have to keep in reserve.