Ethereal sleeping figures masterfully emerge from wooden blocks

Japanese artist Akiko Mimasu carves ethereal figures out of large pieces of wood

In Akiko Mimasu’s pieces, ethereal and delicate characters emerge from a contrasting material: wood. This Japanese artist carves calm, sleepy faces out of long pieces of wood, each of which appears to be wrapped securely inside the trunk, like a snug blanket.

With accessories that appear to be plush, these sleeping figures look completely calm; it is as if they take a nap comfortably inside the wooden block.

Each face is carefully carved to show a young and tender expression with closed eyes. While some of the subjects are completely covered by the base material, others have one or two hands around the top of the wood.

It is difficult to decipher Mimasu’s intention when creating these enigmatic figures. However, an interpretation can be a sign of a harmonious relationship between natural materials and people.

While the faces of the subjects are carefully carved to hide the natural texture of the tree, the rest of the medium remains in its original state.

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