Eugenia Cauduro says goodbye to her son: Fly high with those big wings

Eugenia Cauduro is sad about the departure of her son.

Eugenia Cauduro shared an emotional photo to say goodbye to her son, Patricio.

Eugenia Cauduro55 years old, is in one of the best stages of his life both personally and professionally, after having shared that He lost 20 kilos after a hard fight.

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“It has been a difficult process in which there are ups and downs of all kinds, of many colors, but I achieved it at the moment when I really became aware. Suddenly I lost about 18 or 20 kilos very quickly.and those last 15 that I am missing are costing me.”

“At some point I did resort to those types of pills (to lose weight), which were what led me to have a rebound effect, but this time it was not like that. I didn’t have a gastric bypass either, it was just changes in habits: eating at my own time, eating slowly, drinking more water, sleeping more, bringing my body, mind and my mood to a state of greater relaxation. Stress makes you fat, stress generates a hormone called cortisol,” the beloved actress shared with us in an exclusive interview a few months ago.

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The actress of productions such as ‘Storm in Paradise’, ‘Teresa’, ‘Abyss of Passion’, among others, shocked the networks by having to say goodbye to her son Patricio, 19, because he is leaving Mexico to continue with his dreams independently in England.

“Wherever you go, my heart accompanies you. May you be very happy my love. He flies high with those big, strong wings that were trained for 19 years. Life awaits you, have a good trip,” the former Mexican model wrote along with an emotional image with her son, the result of the relationship she had with her husband Enrique Morán.

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