Eugenio Derbez, an absent father? Vadhir talks about his difficult childhood in his new song

Vadhir Derbez presents a new song that has been quite successful.


Eugenio Derbez, 61, and his paternity were the inspiration for “Morrito”, the new corrido by Vadhir Derbez released just this August 24. Know the story behind this song.

In “Morito” Vadhir Derbez talks about the disappointments that a child experiences due to having an absent fatherprojecting himself into this story by experiencing the same experiences, since on several occasions he has spoken of how difficult it was to grow up without Eugenio Derbezhis father.

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Have you heard “Morrito” yet? Learn a little more about this song, which, according to Vadhir Derbez himself, is one of the most personal works he has created throughout his musical career.


Although Eugenio and Vadhir Derbez currently maintain a close relationship, where they share all kinds of adventures and activities, as well as work projects, this was not always the case, since both They had problems for several years due, precisely, to the absence of Eugenio Derbez as a father.

In “Morrito”, Vadhir Derbez experiments with a new musical project in which he details the “good and bad” traces that remain etched in the childrenin the middle of a letter that explores in a special way the relationship that Vadhir had with his father, Eugenio Derbez.

The lyrics are full of moving phrases, but two in particular stand out: “I was waiting at the window for the door to knock, another day that dad didn’t come”, and “even though you broke me, I forgive you”, among several more.


The official video clip of “Morrito” is already has surpassed one million views on YouTube since its launch on August 24. In the recording, we are presented with characters and images full of symbolism that could remind us of the difficult relationship that Eugenio and Vadhir Derbez had.

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“I am going to tell you the story of a snout

he wanted to be like his favorite hero

I waited at the window for the door to knock

another day that dad did not arrive.

He’s tired of waiting

little man, you must not cry

people will never change

Mom always repeated it.

How easy it was to delude

crumbs to repair

so many years of solitude

sweetheart, please don’t wait alone.

One is born and one dies alone

and although it hurts, well I’ll be

because in the end, life puts everything in its place

Alone, I learned the hard way and no way.

And although you broke me, I forgive you

Who would have thought that at last I was not going to need you.

Years have passed, that little face is now a man

he still misses his daddy like a child,

No matter how hard you try and try to understand

What did he do wrong so that he didn’t love him?