Eugenio Derbez challenged La Ruffo in 1991 with TVyNovelas: “If Victoria finds out, she kills me”

Eugenio Derbez caused controversy by unmasking Victoria Ruffo and her refusal to clarify that her ‘wedding’ was not fake, but an engagement party; in the files of TV and novels we found that talking despite the fact that she could get angry, was something that the actor did since before having his son Jose Eduardo.

It happened at the end of 1991, when it was rumored that La Ruffo was pregnant. Although at first Eugenio refused to confirm the news, for fear of his then-girlfriend Victoria, he finally confirmed exclusively to us that there were possibilities that they would be expecting a baby and that even Silvia Derbez was already aware.

It is worth mentioning that In 1991, everyone was surprised by the courtship of La Queen with Derbez. She ended her courtship with the presenter Ricardo Roche, and soon after, the romance with Eugenio was known; even there was talk of a wedding and of pregnancy.

TV and novels

Reporter Guillermo Ramírez waited for Eugenio outside the hotel on Paseo de la Reforma where he was appearing with his nightly show to ask him if Victoria was pregnant. He said that they had plans and that they would order it in mid-1992, but when he insisted, Derbez said: “I think it will be Victoria herself who will confirm that information. Victoria is very special when it comes to information about her private life.”

-Eugenio, aren’t you lying so that Victoria doesn’t get upset? “(Laughs, takes a deep breath( Eh… no, no, look. Oh my God, this is very difficult (he pauses). There’s a, there’s a… wow, you make me give birth Chayotes! (He laughs nervously, pauses)… there is a possibility (he laughs nervously again). If Victoria finds out, she’ll kill me, eh, I’m serious. I wasn’t expecting an interview right now (it’s twelve o’clock). Saturday night, November 9, 1991) and I don’t like to talk without consulting Victoria first.”

José Eduardo Derbez was born on April 14, 1991, five months after that interview with TV and novels where Eugenio Derbez made it clear that he was worried that Victoria Ruffo would get angry when talking about his private life.

Now, in January 2022, Derbez may have made La Queen angry because finally decided to reveal that she has not wanted to clarify that he never cheated on her with a fake wedding, and that even Victoria Ruffo used this alleged deception to win her legal case for the custody of José Eduardo.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, he unraveled: “I am going to tell this because it is a subject that really affects me a lot, it hurts me a lot because I have carried this all my life …”.

He recalled that when he married Alessandra, he asked José Eduardo Derbez as a wedding gift for his mother to deny the rumors, but he did not. So he related that after a breakup they tried to resolve their life as a couple, so they went to live together.

“You can’t cheat, when she was already Mrs. Victoria Ruffo, with all the fangs and I had just bought my first car. How am I going to cheat and make a fake wedding with all the people around, you think her mother and her friends didn’t know?

But then the worst came. “When Victoria and I parted ways, I want to assume, because I don’t know this, that the lawyer must have told her: ‘When did you get divorced? Because I read that they got married… We are going to sue him for moral damages saying that he cheated on you ‘… So when this news reached me I couldn’t believe it. I said: ‘Who in their five senses is going to think that you can cheat on… Victoria Ruffo?… Why don’t the media investigate a little more?… It was a party to give her the rings in a romantic way… and I have carried that and to date I had never talked about the full story … “.

Eugenio Derbez has insisted for years on his version of events, that Victoria Ruffo did know that it was a party, “that she used to take the child from me, with a lawyer, and they argued that I had cheated on her.”